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Title Develop “New-GAUS 2020” in Earnest
Date 2019-01-31

Develop “New-GAUS 2020” in Earnest

                      (Next generation shipping and logistics system)


HMM made an announcement on January 31 that it will develop the cloud-based next-generation IT system

under the tentative name “New-GAUS 2020” in 2020.


“New-GAUS 2020” is the shipping and logistics system to be independently developed by HMM and is a

project that increases efficiency and convenience by rebuilding the existing "GAUS" (Global Advanced &

Unified System) as a cloud-based IT system. To this end, HMM will sign a main contract with Oracle and

start developing it in earnest.


“New-GAUS 2020” is a proprietary IT system that manages all of HMM’s information, such as vessel-

related information, including sailing information, and contracts and reservation management, as well as

information related to personnel, management, and operations.


HMM and Oracle plan to establish a cloud environment to support its container and bulk business and will

gradually implement the conversion of all of the company’s applications and data, including shipping and

logistics systems, into a cloud-based system.


HMM anticipates that the next generation system will be cost-effective compared to its existing on-premise

server system by building it on a cloud-based system. It also announced that by establishing and installing

multiple global data centers at home and abroad, it will be possible to provide uninterrupted service in any

disaster situation, and customers worldwide and users of internal systems will experience faster and more

stable IT service.


Its process innovation, which proceeds concurrently with the system development, aims to satisfy its “low-

cost and high-efficiency customer service” ethic while aiming for a global standard in line with the changing

trends of the global shipping industry, thereby strengthening HMM’s position as an IT frontier shipping

company in the highly competitive global shipping industry.


While upgrading to complement and improve the shortcomings of existing business processes and systems,

the company also plans to accelerate the establishment of a foundation for the introduction of new IT technolo-

gies related to the 4th industrial revolution. HMM will apply new technologies related to the 4th industrial

revolution in the future, including blockchain, IoT, big data and AI, to the shipping industry as it converts to

a cloud-based system so that it will be able to provide more efficient service and increase the stability of its

operation. To this end, the company is actively discussing data standardization by participating in blockchain

pilot projects led by other global shipping companies and the government.


An official from HMM said, "If the trend of large-scale vessels is a big physical change in the global shipping

industry, digitalization is an important issue in terms of software that has a great impact on change. Having

IT capacity to quickly catch up with this trend will determine the leader of the shipping industry in the future."

He also emphasized, "The development of this next generation system is a good opportunity in terms of timing

for HMM to become a leading shipping company in digitizing the shipping industry."


HMM has been working on design since July of last year, and is planning to finish the development by the sec-

ond half of next year through its own development method, and to open its system to internal and external


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