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Container Management

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Inside of the stuffed container


CLP(Container Load Plan) precedes all the procedures to load cargoes secure which should be laden reflecting centroid and maximum payload.

  1. 1) Correctly laden cargoes with plan
  2. 2) Correctly laden state with care of edge point


Proper packing has to be done to secure particular cargo out of external circumstances

  1. 1) Ways to pack particular cargo
    1. A. Abnormal state : Overturn of cargoes and impossibility of two-tier lade are concerned
    2. B. Normal state : Prevention of overturn of cargoes and two-tier lade are psssible
  2. Ways to pack particular cargo
    a. Abnormal state case b. Normal state case
    a. Abnormal state case b. Normal state case
  3. 2) Other packing ways
    1. a. Big Roll packing
    2. b. Inside of the packing
    3. c. Drum packing


Various ways are taken to make cargoes steady in transit and secure safety in accordance with state of cargoes

  1. a. Dry container case
  2. b. OOG container case
  3. c. Automobile shoring case